DRAWING FROM THE INSIDE OUT is a 216 page, three-course, college textbook in one affordable volume. This unique textbook offers 140 projects with techniques and strategies in drawing, spanning The Renaissance through Contemporary art, training young artists into the art of our time. The textbook begins with composition and formal techniques for Beginning Drawing. Intermediate Drawing focuses on drawing in color. Advanced Drawing—The Creative Portfolio, features over 40 inventive projects within a contemporary drawing context, including a chapter on digital drawing. Master artists and international contemporary artists works accompany each lesson and illustrate the book. Brief essays discuss advancements in drawing from the Renaissance through the 21st Century, compacting the history of art and the development of drawing into one book. Drawing From The Inside Out can be referred back to for inspiration in the artist’s studio long after the courses of studies are completed. Reviewers have called this book, "An invaluable tool."

The book is sponsored in part by Kerwin collectors, with assistance from the Pasadena Arts Council. It will be available for purchase in August, 2015 for $89.00.

ISBN-10: 0996272704
ISBN-13: 978-0-9962727-0-4

Drawing from the Inside Out
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